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What if providing contraception feedback was as fun and easy as a BuzzFeed quiz?

// Ideation, Rapid Prototyping

// YTH Live 2017 Design Challenge Winner, First Place



FHI 360 was interested in new ways to use social media-based platforms to support interaction with and feedback from adolescents with respect to reproductive health and contraception, in order to improve the development of future contraceptive options.

Project: F#@k, Marry, Kill: The Contraceptive Edition
Collaborators: Marta Cabral (UCSF), Jill Eversole (UCSF)
Context: This project was developed as a submission for YTH Live 2017: The Youth Tech and Health Conference Design Challenge.



  • Expert and user interviews

  • Contextual inquiry

  • Ideation

  • Rapid prototyping


Leveraging SnapChat sponsored content as the medium, the immediacy of emoji reactions as the feedback mechanism, and the satisfaction of a BuzzFeed-style quiz as the incentive, our solutions asks for quick feedback to gain directional data on contraceptive side effect tolerance and preferences, in order to gather data from a wide audience in order to improve contraceptive options for all.

Judged by a panel from, Gates Foundation, and FHI 360, the project came in first place. We are currently partnering with FHI 360 and YTH to further iterate on and advance our concept. 

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