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How can we design a user research system that is sweeping yet actionable?

// User Research Strategy and Execution

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Virta Health needed to gather feedback and insight on the new user experience during patients' first 60 days in order to guide product direction in a systematic and strategic way.

My mission: design the end-to-end research strategy and materials for a New User Experience Research Kit. 

Project: New User Experience Research Kit for Virta Health
Context:  Freelance project 


  • Facilitated brainstorming session to surface a number of questions related to different aspects of the user journey

  • Conducted internal cross-functional interviews to identify more top of mind issues and prioritized focus areas

  • Honed in on the most actionable and relevant areas of research and articulated key questions 

  • Designed a mixed-method approach and developed all associated research materials (e.g., recruitment parameters, incentive plans, surveys, interview protocols, email outreach communication, and experience sampling methods)

  • Shared new user research kit in company-wide presentation

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I developed a mixed-methods approach to gathering user insights, including surveys, interviews, and experience sampling, and socialized the new user research kit in a company-wide presentation. 

I am currently leading the execution of the user research strategy I designed, including recruitment, interviews, contextual inquiry and insight analysis. This pilot study will provide a more targeted investigation into the new user experience, as well as serve as a proof of concept for user research approaches at Virta moving forward.


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