Design Research + Strategy

Vaccines Innovation

How can a leading pharmaceutical company get ahead of a shifting vaccines market?

// Innovation Capability Building, Workshop Design



A Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company wanted to stay ahead of vaccines market trends by leveraging cross-functional input combined with innovation strategy in order to develop new ideas to compete and win in a shifting healthcare landscape.

Project: Vaccines Innovation for leading pharmaceutical manufacturer 
Context:  Engagement as part of Monitor Deloitte and Doblin


  • Conducted market research on trends that have the potential to transform the U.S. vaccines market over the next 5 years

  • Designed ideation workshop focused on the generation of new business concepts

  • Trained employees on innovation fundamentals, including the 10 Types of Innovation framework

  • Synthesized output and prioritized solutions

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The engagement generated 5 new innovative ideas that capitalized on new opportunities or addressed challenges presented from the market trends explored, as well as fostered cross-functional support for the initiative to better serve business needs moving forward.