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How can a training serve as a call to action for greater inclusion?

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Like many companies in tech and finance, Square faced challenges in recruiting a diverse workforce, but wanted to ensure that it is still a place where all employees feel included, valued, and able to succeed.

As part of these efforts, I came on to reimagine Square’s lecture-based unconscious bias training, and transform it into an interactive session with digital assets.

Project: Interrupting Unconscious Bias at Square

Context: Worked with the Director of Diversity and the Learning Program Lead


  • Led internal interviews and immersed in existing resources 

  • Reviewed unconscious bias research and studies, synthesized findings

  • Defined learning objectives and design guidelines

  • Developed lesson plan, workshop materials, toolkit, and measurement tools

  • Prototyped experience with cross-functional participant group

  • Refined concepts based on user feedback

  • Shared outputs and outlined next steps


  • Training is used with Square’s 600+ employees

  • Unconscious bias presentation, resources and tools on global Intranet

  • Curriculum supports the unconscious bias “checklists” integrated into recruiting, hiring and performance processes